Nina Louise Photography

  Photography has always been a passion of mine. I started out taking pictures of any and all things nature, about 10 years ago. I learned about "finding beauty in the details" from my Mom, who has been a recreational photographer for 30 years, but could easily be a full-blown professonal. We absolutely love taking pictures of the most simple things; a rose, a leaf, reflections in a puddle. We could literally spend hours photographing one flower. Capturing these details and moments, has been such a great way for us to express ourselves artistically.

    When my son was born, our outdoor adventures were put on hold. I traded nature photography, for any and all things Logan. I had to re-learn how to photograph, now taking photos indoors and with an ever-changing subject. Photography became even more challenging, yet so much more rewarding.

   All of my photos now have a purpose. Through photography I have been able to capture and preserve the precious moments in my life. And now I want to do the same for yours. 

   Thank you to all of my beautiful clients thus far who have let me do what I love most. I am truly blessed.